Factory is a community-oriented incubation program that supports teams creating innovative and sustainable solutions to the problems in the information and media ecosystem.

The problem

Information disorder

Disorders that occur in the production, distribution, and consumption stages of information, such as intentional misdirection, damage with accurate information, or dissemination of deceptive information without intent.

Problems created by key actors in the information and media ecosystem

The absence of areas in which people who can develop innovative and diverse ideas or have different experiences can collaborate, monopolization, and polarization as a result of problems in media ownership.

Lack of access to support mechanisms for innovative model and solution creators

Lack of intermediary organizations that can bring new social initiatives in the information ecosystem together with appropriate networks and support them in the areas of strategy and business model.

The solution


Providing initiatives with access to appropriate business models and support mechanisms


Creating a collaborative knowledge ecosystem by bringing initiatives together

Factory brings actors who create solutions to the problems in the information ecosystem together, supports them and provides them with support mechanisms. Factory is one of Teyit’s programme that seeks to bring a transformation in the information ecosystem.

Teyit is an independent social enterprise. It contributes to the improvement of the information ecosystem by fact-checking, producing fact-based creative formats and equipping users with critical digital literacy skills.

Our Team

Mehmet Atakan Foça

Mehmet Atakan Foça

Program Manager

Selin Yıldız

Selin Yıldız

Program Associate

Beyza Çalıkoğlu

Beyza Çalıkoğlu

Community Associate

Our Partners

Impact Hub

Content Partner