We designed the Bootcamp as a pre-incubation phase where teams who want to be involved in incubation can develop their business models. We invite teams who successfully complete this phase to the incubation program.

What do we provide at Bootcamp?

Business model development

Participants turn their business ideas into business models on "lean canvas" as they produce the basic building blocks of their initiatives.


After sending their work produced in the first stage of the Bootcamp (business ideas, lean canvas, assumption mappings) to mentors, the participants receive feedback.

Assumption verification

The teams try to learn the information that they put forward on their lean canvases but cannot prove their reality with concrete data through field and desk research and test the foundations of their business models.

Chance to participate in incubation

Selected participants get the opportunity to participate in the 6-month incubation process supported by Teyit and Impact Hub and benefit from the business networks of both institutions.

Who should apply to Bootcamp?

Teams that create innovative solutions to problems in the information and media ecosystem and develop all kinds of tools and methods to improve the processes of consuming, disseminating, sharing, and accessing information can apply Bootcamp.

We only accept Turkish speaking participants to Bootcamp for now.

After Bootcamp...

We invite teams participating in Bootcamp to our community to develop their business ideas and bring them together with actors in the information ecosystem.

Early-stage initiatives that successfully complete the Bootcamp process are invited to the 6-month incubation program and our community.